A wedding in bohemian style is a trend for a while now. Do you like a nonchalant, cheerful, and relaxed party, then a bohemian dress is an absolute must!

The bohemian style is a nonchalant hippie look combined with colorful and vintage details. “Less is more” is not applicable at all here!

A bohemian wedding dress is a loose-fitting dress with romantic lace details, such as sleeves in fine lace or a low-cut back finished with Calais lace. The skirt is often smooth and elegant in tulle, silk or chiffon. Tulle moves very nicely when you dance … There is no lack of comfort here, because the bride trail is not too long either. If you don’t like bridal dresses in ivory shades, then  choose one in bohemian style with pastel shades. At Rebel at Heart you can choose from a whole range of beautiful bohemian dresses.

You can pimp your bohemian dress with accessories such as large earrings, a vintage bracelet or necklace. Gold-colored shades give the right glow to this. With a bohemian wedding dress surely must go flowers in your hair. You can choose real flowers or a wreath or tiara in golden or silver flowers combined with fine glass stones.

What is definitely hot at a bohemian wedding, and would be perfect for your photoshoot, is a hat! A vintage hat in a camel color or just a large flattering summer hat. Even a cowboy hat can be nice!

Let your fantasy go wild and go for the bohemian look you dream of for your wedding. It’s all about fun, and having a nice relaxed wedding day!

Love to see you in my bridal studio

Linda Van Reckem,

Passionated owner of Rebel at Heart