Where do you find Rebel at Heart ?

Rebel at Heart is located at Dorp-West 84 in the center of Lochristi (about 10 km from Ghent).

Are you from outside of Ghent? Our Bridal Studio is the most centrally located bridal store in East Flanders!

Very easy access via E17 and R4 (exit Lochristi).

In Lochristi there are no pay parking zones (only blue zone with parking disc). 

Do I have to make an appointment?

At Rebel at Heart we only work by appointment. This way we can give you the personal attention you deserve.

The bridal room is therefore only accessible to those who come by appointment, to ensure our clients the necessary privacy.

You can make your appointment here. Do you need some inspiration? Then first take a look at our designers.

When do you start the search for a wedding/party dress?

We recommend to decide on a dress 9 months before your wedding day. This term avoids additional costs of an order “with high priority”.

In case of a party dress (bridesmaid dress), it is best to place your order 5 months in advance. The manufacturing and delivery times differ per designer, but if you stick to these times, you will definitely have your dress on time. Keep in mind that sometimes adjustments are done manually by us, and this also requires the necessary time and planning.

If you need a dress faster, you can place an order “with high priority” for some designers. Keep in mind that additional costs can be charged.

How long does a fitting take?

A fitting takes 1 hour. That gives us enough time to get to know you better and gives you the time to change dresses until you find ‘the one’. By sending us the top 5 wedding dresses of our collection in advance, we van start smoothly and focused.

Who will I bring to my appointment?

Disinfecting hands and wearing a mouth mask are mandatory. Also, the social distance of 1.5 m must be respected.

We advise you to bring the people who know you best and with whom you want to share this special moment. We ask you to bring max. 3 people (max. 4 people in total), depending on which type of appointment you booked (i.e. 2 or 3 guests). We do not make exceptions for this and do not refund any fee because you wish to come with more than the allowed number of people. From our years of experience we know that many different opinions will only make your choice more difficult. Furthermore, we are a Bridal Studio, which means that our space is cozy and pleasant, but not very big.

May we also ask that you come in together as one group with your entourage and be present at the same time. This will help with the start up and smooth flow of the fitting.

May we also ask you, out of respect for the bridal assistant in our store, not to visit us if you have symptoms of illness (even a common cold), or have been in contact with someone who has symptoms of the Coronavirus, flu virus, or cold. If we determine that you or any of your guests have symptoms, we will discontinue the fitting and the fee already paid will not be refunded.

Thank you for your understanding and respect!

What should I bring to my appointment and what do I think about in advance?

We advise you to wear skin-colored seamless underwear. That is the least visible when fitting a dress.  We also recommend that you wear a strapless bra. 

Some designers make your dress at the right length. It is useful that you know in advance whether you are going to wear flat shoes or heels on your wedding day. We are happy to help you with this and offer a nice collection of bridal shoes in our Bridal Studio. 

We also have a collection of lingerie to wear under your wedding dress. 

We like to keep our sample dresses neat, because everyone likes to fit a clean dress. That’s why we ask you to keep your make-up as natural as possible and not to wear lipstick and foundation.

It’s not allowed to take pictures in our bridal studio.

What does a dress at Rebel at Heart cost?

A price indication is given for each designer on our website. 

You will see that there is a wide price range and that exclusive dresses are affordable. 

The price of most dresses is between € 1800 and € 3200.

What are the sizes of the dresses in our bridal studio?

The sizes of our wedding and party dresses vary from size 38 to size 44. Do not worry if you have a smaller or larger size. We know exactly how we can present our dresses so that you get a good idea of ​​how the dress looks. The bridal room is only accessible for those who have an appointment, to assure a peaceful and private fitting.

You found your dream dress! What now?

Firstly ‘congratulations’. You will certainly shine at your party! 

Before we order your dress, we measure your sizes. All our dresses are ‘made to order’. The duration for making your dress is different per designer. But when you order you will receive an expected delivery date on which you can contact us. This date is stated on your order form. 

You can then choose to pick up your dress finished by the designer or first have adjustments made by us. Most designers make the dress in the size that corresponds most with your measurements, in this case adjustments can be minimal. The cost of these adjustments is not included in the price of the dress and is additionally charged afterwards. These adjustments are manual work, therefor we ask a fee (but certainly not an extortionate amount). 

If you fail to contact us on the pre-arranged date on your order form, we assume that you do not want any adjustments made to your dress, and we do not include this in our planning. Have you lost sight of the date on your order form and still want adjustments to your dress, we will then plan the additional work as a priority.  However, if this happens, we charge an extra fee of 50% of the original adjustment cost. To avoid this, please contact us in good time before the date on the order form expires. 

After the fitting (on which we see which adjustments must be made by us) you get a pick-up appointment. The pick-up time takes about half an hour, and is standard 4 weeks before the date of your party. On the day of pick up you put the dress on again and if everything is perfect you can take the dress home.

How can you pay at Rebel at Heart?

You can pay cash or via Bancontact / Maestro; not via Visa / Mastercard. 

You pay half of the total amount when you place an order. You pay the rest of the amount (the other half) at the time of the first fitting. You pay for the adjustment cost at pick-up time. 

We ask you to pay the dress in full straightaway when your wedding day (or other festivity) is in 6 months (or shorter). Ask your bank to increase the maximum amount of payment. 

Accessories (shoes, lingerie, jewelery, ..) and children’s party fashion are always paid in full, also when not in stock. Accessories (which are in stock) are not stored at our store after purchase, but should be taken home straight away.

Can I cancel my dress after purchase?

All wedding dresses on sale at Rebel at Heart are made according to the custom of the bride. Therefor, the dresses cannot be taken back by the designer. 

Every order needs a signature for approval which makes a purchase final. This also applies to party dresses and accessories. Failure of marriage or pregnancy are not grounds for cancellation of purchase.