Chantel Lauren’s wedding dresses are specially designed for the free-spirited bride, and are the foundation for an unforgettable wedding day. Because every woman deserves to be in the spotlight …

Each wedding dress is lovingly handcrafted in Salt Lake City, Utah, US. They look for fabrics (silk, lace, …) all over the world. They start by sketching a dress, and then draw the patterns themselves. This way they create unique dresses for unique women.

Chantel Lauren brings simple country elements into their bridal collection, with each wedding dress reflecting a piece of the ‘Old West’, but in a modern way.

Some wedding dresses belong to their Canvas Edition: the dresses are dyed by hand in standard colors such as ivory, platinum (gray), steel (blue), rose, gold and silver.

Exclusively for Belgium at Rebel at Heart.

Designers : Chantel & Tyler Galloway

Price indication : CHANTEL LAUREN 2000€ – 3500€