AESLING – inspired by an Irish poetic term meaning a “vision” or “dream”

A strong sense of self – the Aesling bride is confident in who she is at her core. Removing anything unnecessary, she is focused on the quality and craftsmanship of her dress. The result is a timeless style that doesn’t hide or mask who she is.

Inspired by the female form and architecture, Aesling’s designs are stylish yet classic. Without the frills, Aesling brings care and attention to every detail – an ode back to the basics of bridal wear and the bride herself. Aesling is tapping into a new mindset of modern brides who value experiences over things. Aesling’s minimalist designs bring forward and enhance the bride without taking away from the experience of marriage.

Exclusief bij Rebel at Heart.

Designer : Gaby Bayona

Price indication : Aesling 2000€ – 2200€